"Learn from the past

             to survive the future."

Heinrich Josef Winter laid the foundation for today’s Winter GmbH back in 1946. The company remains in the family’s hands to the present day. Decades of painstaking pioneering on the forefront of technology have created a company of global standing, intimately familiar with good times and bad.


Today, this wealth of experience acquired over the years flows into the development of concepts that help WINTER adjust to the ebb and flow of market circumstances and new technical requirements.

The first two machines were built in this 15-square-metre room, which was also used to conduct initial tests. The room had no water mains, so a rotten hose was strung across the street from the neighbour’s property, poked through a skylight and connected with the machine to provide cooling water.


1949 - 1957

The company builds its first hand-operated injection moulding machine.

Close-up view of the locking mechanism, which was rather complicated for its day.

Constant expansion of the building and machinery. By 1954 the company had built and was using a dozen of its own machines.

1 June 1946:

Establishment of the civil law partnership

GbR Heinrich Josef Winter

Kunststoffverarbeitung + Werkzeugbau

6451 Hainstadt

Buttons were the first plastic products to be manufactured; they were much in demand during the post-war era.

Worn, old gramophone needles were fitted to the tool to produce the buttonholes.


Construction of the third machine, which was operating semi-automatically already.


The company attended the First International Plastics Fair in London, where the British firm Windsor presented the world’s first screw injection moulding machine. The company purchased the ‘Windsor twin screw 1044’ model, which remained in operation until the 1970s.


The business relationship was strengthened in the following years. In the period up to 1971 alone, Windsor delivered 35 machines at an accumulated value of roughly 4.5 million deutschmarks, including four special machines based specifically on designs submitted by Heinrich Josef Winter.

A young Heinrich Josef Winter at the drawing board.

Belt buckles were the second product generation.

Injection moulding with the company’s own hand-operated machines.


10-year company anniversary in Rathausgasse. The workforce has since grown to 67 employees.


Kunststoffverarbeitung Winter GmbH is founded in Eichenzell-Welkers.



Heinrich Josef Winter 100%


as a fiscal unit of Hainstadt under a profit transfer agreement.


At the time, special subsidies were provided to companies situated close to the border with East Germany. Winter used these funds and the favourable property prices to build a new, additional production facility equipped with the latest technology in plastics processing.



Helmut Winter is appointed chief operating officer, a position he still holds with company.


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