The quality standards at WINTER include fast and flexible response times.


We join with our customers in developing solutions that adapt rapidly to changes in requirements and market circumstances.

We are on hand throughout the product manufacturing process, from component

design and mould development through to project implementation. WINTER services

cover the entire spectrum as described below to meet requirements as they arise:

Feasibility studies (process assurance)

Support throughout manufacturing process

The entire technical and business management process

Project management

Machine design

Calculations, offers

Project design for complex components/assemblies

Coordination between customers and suppliers

Mould development

Sampling and initial sample test reports

Design of test assembly systems

Machine and peripheral appliance management

Professional quality assurance

System and module assembly

Product-specific tests following assembly

Completion/packaging for shipping

Production of threaded bores, drill-finishing, ultrasonic welding

Mould management

Support in mould development

Maintenance and assessment of moulds

Documentation of the total mould life cycle

Information on necessary investments

Maintenance intervals based on shot numbers

Low reject/deformation problems...

Mould storage

Mould servicing, repair, maintenance

Mould optimisation

Production of space parts for moulds

Consistent data management (CAD/CAM...)

Planning and organisation of logistics

Safe, stable procedures in receipt of goods and shipping

Reliable adherence to the delivery deadlines

Valuations/mould insurance

Organisation, management and provision of goods and purchased parts




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